About me


I’m Caroline Kesteleyn and I’m a fulltime Belgian potter.

A long time ago I graduated at the Sint-Lucas art academy – specializing in Visual Arts. After that I studied to become a teacher.

Being busy with children I did about 17 years in Ghent’s Freinet education. More than fifteen years ago, ceramicist Sylvie Ingels ignited the ceramic fire in me. In the meantime I followed workshops with Fernand Everaert, Eddy Van Meulebroeck, Aster Caemaert, Anima Roos and Rudie Delanghe.
I also followed a lot of courses with Francoise Busin. And Nora Nuyts taught me a lot of useful porcelain techniques.

Now I try to combine both passions as a ‘potter’: ceramics and teaching. And that for adults, children and teenagers. I run my own studio in Ghent (a lovely city in Belgium). Hopefully we will meet each other somewhere …

In addition, I am the proud mother of 2 children and I have a great husband!